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Communications solution for a leading TV news channel- case study

Customer requirement: Preparations for elections campaign. Central intercom system for communication support throughout the production system consisting of Producer, Editor-in-Chief, Production Assistants, Director, stage, Vision Control Sound and Broadcast. Direct communication to the reporters’ systems in the field and all the presenters. The system is linked to remote studios in different sites for a combined production.

The solution: Clearcom Eclipse HX system with sophisticated panels for operation from all positions in the studio, digital audio connection to the MADI sound system, connection to the Freespeak II wireless system and cellular connection via the Agent IC application.                                              In addition, a connection to telephony allows the reporters to access subscribers in the system as needed.  

Benefits: Full integration with sound systems, Full support for external sources, Implementation while upgrading existing systems and integration into the new system has contributed to budget savings.


The system was ordered after careful planning of Onset with the customer. The transition to the new system was made by Onset between news bulletins and at night in order not to disrupt the day-to-day operation of the news system

The system was launched about a week before the election and contributed to the leading election broadcaster in the country!

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