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Support and Training



Onset provides 24/7 support; 
Extensive training and consultation services.


We at Onset know only too well that quality and timely support is crucial for the ongoing functionality of mission critical, on-air and revenue generating systems.

Onset has a dedicated team of support engineers both for software, operations and hardware support.

The Onset team is available 24/7 via all current methods of communications.

Together with our supplier partners we will work to achieve the fastest most efficient solution for your challenges.

All this - without looking at the fine print of contracts - 

"First get it fixed" - then sort out the paperwork.



Onset offer a variety of training packages, in all fields of media to ensure that your team is proficient with the systems supplied.

Purchasing the best gear is easy {!} - having the manpower that utilizes the capital investment to its fullest is crucial.

This service can include all aspects of the workflow :

* Production   * Art & Design *  Technical operations 

* Maintanance 


It pays you to invest in training ! 


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