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How can we help you?

Onset Systems Engineering Ltd. is a leading Broadcast and Audio-Video Systems professional services and integration company, providing Technology Solutions from the world’s leading brands in the Media & Entertainment, Information Technology, Telecom and Manufacturing industries.

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products & solutions for Professional Realtime & Secure Group Communications in non-traditional and challenging environments, where cellular or in-person communications are not sufficient, viable or efficient.

Communication that can be based on wired, wireless, network, fiber or internet that enables a clear flow of talkback.  Overcoming noise, extreme conditions - We can provide the solution.

For examples & customers story – LINK LINK2

For more information about the products – LINK -


Media Storage – products that allow you to securely and dynamically manage your media, without depending on external public cloud providers that are impacted by bandwidth constraints.

When customers have large-scale media, videos, pictures, sound, docs and other files – our solutions enable them to manage their data in a convenient way, with emphasis on data security, backup, employee collaboration on files, remote file access and more.

For examples & customers story – LINK   

For more information about the products – LINK


What is our story?

Onset has a track record of hundreds of projects installed around the globe since 1989, based in Israel, operating worldwide with a large client base in various regions of Africa.

We tailor system solutions & products to solve your most critical challenges. We ensure the highest quality without compromise. 

Assisting the client’s needs is our priority. We provide training and services for our solutions to ensure an attractive Return on Investment for our clients.

Contact us – we are here for you.

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